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Indie Rockers Grouplove Take 20+ Party StandupsTM on CONAN!


When Grouplove was invited to appear on the hit TBS® Show CONAN®, they chose Original Party StandupsTM to be on-stage with them. The Group appeared on CONAN in early August, and the custom cardboard cutouts really helped make their performance "Larger Than Life"! Fans are still talking about the performance, and what a cool idea the cutouts were!

Even if Grouplove's music isn't your cup of tea, be sure to watch the video... The (20+) cutouts in their performance , straight from TBS Network TV's hit show CONAN®, are perfect examples of super-lifelike Party StandupsTM Custom Life Size Cutouts...
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Even fans had to do a double-take to tell the cutouts apart from the band members they copy.

Grouplove's Party StandupsTM
appear in some of their tour photos, have created quite a buzz among fans, and helped the group keep the conversation going long after their appearance on-air.
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Thanks again, Grouplove - your performance on Conan was great, and we're glad to see the cutouts are traveling well!

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Party StandupsTM is not officially endorsed by Grouplove, CONAN®, TBS® or Conan O'Brien Presents. Grouplove, like tens of thousands of others, simply chose Party StandupsTM to create the custom cardboard cutouts that became part of their memorable act. All Trademarks are the property of their respective owners.