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Life-Size Custom Cutouts: How They're Made...

Since you've placed your trust in us to produce a quality product quickly, or are considering doing so, we think it's important to know what happens to your order after you click that final "Submit" button.
You'll receive an e-mail at each step in this process so you know how your order is progressing.
Be sure to add moc.spudnatsytrap@sredro to the "safe senders" list in your e-mail client so you receive all order updates.

1: Customer Service Receives Your Order

As soon as you have placed your order, our customer service staff will review it for accuracy. We check to make sure that you have selected the correct shipping method and service for your due date, and make note of any special instructions you've included.
Our customer service staff will contact you by phone and/or e-mail during business hours if there are any issues with your order or due date.
You Get an e-mail that your order has been approved for production.

2: Our Design Team Reviews Your Order

As soon as possible, our designers verify all artwork you submited to make sure the resolution is good enough for the size(s) prints you've ordered. They blow up your photos to actual size and individually review each image, especially the face, as that is the natural focal point of the finished cutout.
Here's what they look for:
Image resolution comparison.
You Get an e-mail that your image is OK or an e-mail / phone call giving you an opportunity to submit a new image.

3: If Everything Looks Good, We Set Up & Print Your Order

At this point, your order is in the capable hands of our design team. They use specialized software to remove the background, resize your image and, if requested, make any necessary changes or adjustments.

Your order is assigned to one of our designers, who "owns" your order until it goes to print. At this point, the designer creates both the print-ready artwork and the laser cut path. The design team also runs the printers to ensure that any color or quality issues will be caught by the people who know your artwork intimately.

Your order is printed using state-of-the-art 6-color-process solvent inkjet technology for unmatched lifelike clarity and durability.
6-Color Process Cutout Printing

Printing Specs
Inks: 6-Color Process Solvent
Durability: Pigments Last Up to 99 Years Indoors or Up to 5 Years Outdoors (unlaminated)
Print Resolution: 540x320 dpi
Color Management:
In-House Professional, i1 Extreme GretagMacBeth Spectrophotometer Profiling of Monitors and Printers
Finishing: Matte (shown), Gloss, Dry Erase, Textured, Fabric (Wall Graphic)

Prints are laminated to board (cardboard, plastic or Gator) using pressure-sensitive adhesive prior to laser-cutting.

Who is this?
Maia The Kitty. She's the President's daughter. Yes those claws are SHARP!

You Get an e-mail that your order has been printed and is now in-line for cutting.

4: Your Order is Mounted & Precision Laser-Cut

Once your order has been printed and cured, our production staff laminates it onto cardboard or plastic, per your order. They then use CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machining software to convert the design files so they can be understood by the computer-controlled laser cutter. Your easel, with its exclusive locking design, is cut at the same time. Each easel is individually sized to fit your cutout perfectly for strength and stability.
Note: The video below shows a black border on the standup. That is part of the customer-supplied artwork. Photographic standups and wall graphics do NOT have a border. They are cut to the edge of the image with approximately 1/16" - 1/8" tolerance.
Cut accuracy is slightly better on our plastic product as it does not change size with variance in humidity.

Laser Tech:
Type: Flying-Optic CO2
Power Rating: 120 Watts +
Tolerance: Approx. .005in (5 Thousandths)

A close-up view of our 120+ Watt CO2 Laser in action cutting a plastic cutout cartoon character. In the first 3/4 of the video, the camera is actually "riding" the cutting head as it cuts through the material. The spot of light you see where the beam hitting the surface is +- 4,000o F. At this temperature, the material vaporizes instead of burning.

This all amounts to one thing - clean, smooth edges that are unmatched by any other cutting method. No frayed edges caused by dull blades and no wobbly cuts from manual cutting. No die charge, either, as the laser cutter is guided by the same set of files we create to print your cutout.

Unfortunately the close-up is not as sharp as we'd like, but it was shot through a 1/2" thick acrylic safety shield. The Shield catches stray laser radiation and also kept us from frying our new HD camera!

You Get an e-mail that your cutout(s) are completed and being packaged.

5: Your Order is Packed and Shipped

Woman with cutouts in package. Once cutting is complete, your order is carefully inspected, scored & folded if necessary (to avoid oversize shipping charges) and then packaged in a tough, double-wall cardboard box custom-made for your order.

We will ship your order either UPS or USPS (Postal), depending on the shipping options you chose. We try to ship USPS Priority as much as possible for Ground shipments, since the damage rate is significantly lower and the delivery much faster, especially to West coast locations.

Your order will include full-color, detailed photographic assembly instructions.
Click Here to View Them Now. (.pdf)

Assembly is a snap, but we're always glad to help if you hit a snag or aren't sure about something.

You can view the status of your order anytime by clicking "Account" at the top of any page. This gives you full secure accesss to all of your orders, status info & address book.

You Get a lot of fun or a great way to promote your business! ...and an e-mail with shipment tracking info.

Note: This page is a work in progress and will be updated regularly as we have a chance to shoot more video, including some "meet the staff" clips so you can place a face with the person on the other end of the phone or e-mail.

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