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About Party StandupsTM

Custom Cutout Color Correction & Calibration

Quick Facts:

(For those in a hurry...)

  • In Business Since 2000, Producing Custom Cutouts & Standups Since 2006
  • Offering The ONLY Custom Cutouts Precision Laser-Cut for amazing detail!
    - Yes - they really are cut with a beam of light.
  • We have the World's Best Employees. Really.
  • Our unique specialization on a few tightly related products makes those products the best quality they can POSSIBLY be.
  • Located in sunny Sarasota, FL (see Contact Us)
  • We ship anywhere and everywhere!
  • Trusted by over 10,000 customers including the US Government and Fortune 100 Companies as well as that guy "Joe" down the street and your second-cousin-once-removed.
  • All prints are produced in stunning 6-color process that lasts for YEARS (guaranteed)
  • Your choice of materials to suit your needs. Please call us if you're not sure.
  • Our standups are EVERYWHERE. They're just so lifelike you haven't noticed.
  • 24-Hour Rush available. Also guaranteed.

Letter from the Guy Who Started it All

(For those who'd like to dig a bit deeper...)

Hi there!
My name is Scott Gardner and Party StandupsTM is my dream come true.
You, Dear Customer, are at this moment my very favorite person (aside from my daughter - sorry).

If you've made it this far, you must already have some idea of what we do.
You must also be curious enough to be wondering who we are, where we are, and, most importantly, what kind of quality product and service you'll get from us once you've entrusted us with your hard-earned money and your favorite photo or the artwork you've worked hard to get just right.

While you must already be somewhat interested in our products, you're probably here on this page for one reason and one reason only - you're looking for TRUST. Since I prefer to address this one head-on, "trust" is the one product we're really selling on an "about us" page. Trust being something you earn, that's a pretty tall order.
You want to know who you're dealing with, right?
I can't just ask you to trust us. Well, I could, but it wouldn't really mean anything. So, if you feel like reading a bit, I'll fill you in on who we are, how we came to be here, how we plan on staying here, and, more importantly, what we do to EARN the trust of thousands of satisfied customers, whom you will hopefully be joining shortly...

This is a second career for me (or third, depending on how you count). Originally from Michigan by way of Chicago, IL, I settled in Sarasota, FL in 1990 and am fortunate to live & work in a vacationer's paradise where I can go boating or camping in December. I started out in the large-format-printing industry as a designer and a production manager while finishing a degree in computer science (having started out in electrical engineering). Eventually I ended up in high-level management for a fantastic company - Tervis Tumbler for a few years when I somehow stopped appreciating the nice salary, benefits and a steady paycheck and decided to strike out on my own.

This was toward the end of the dot-com boom and I thought I'd do well starting a web development company. And so I did. However, I found little satisfaction producing an impersonal product that you couldn't hold in your hands. Having always been extremely mechanically inclined, the abstraction of design and marketing that stayed strictly within the confines of the little screen you're now peering into just didn't give me the same sense of satisfaction as, say, building a computer-controlled laser-cutting system (read on...).
I already knew this about myself and the web development enterprise, while successful, was never the ultimate end I had in mind when I left Tervis for greener pastures. My hope was to assemble a talented group of designers and engineers and develop a marketable physical product that would be fun to produce, use the latest technology, and, most of all, make people a little happier - just like the standups you're looking at right now!

All great inspirations come in the shower. By 2006, the web development business was humming along and I had just bought a large-format printer for my wife's sign business. One morning in the shower, I was asking myself, "what can this thing [the printer] do that's different from what everybody else is doing?"
The answer was immediate and completely unexpected - life-size cutouts! To this day I have no idea where that answer came from but the timing was perfect. Broadband in most homes, cheap, high-resolution digital cameras on the market, and a giant printer in our office sitting idle half the time. And I had the talent in-house to build the easy-to-use website you're on now (already the fourth version).
It seemed almost too good an idea to be true but I thought I'd give it a shot and haven't looked back since!

Well, when I "give something a shot", I put 110% of my energy into it. Party StandupsTM was launched in late 2006, just in time for Christmas. The immediate response was overwhelming and Party StandupsTM has just continued to grow, grow grow, ever since. Even better than that are the people we work with on a daily basis. That means YOU, the customer. The best thing about coming into the office each morning is looking at the production board jammed full of the (usually) smiling faces in the photos waiting to be printed life-size, cut out, and shipped off.

Through the very nature of our product, we come into contact with people at very exciting times in ther lives. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, the launch of a new product, a new and exciting way to promote an existing product - the list is endless. By entrusting us with an order, each of these customers has given us the honor of helping make their occasion better, making a loved one smile with a unique gift, or enlisting the help of our standups to promote their business or to get a message across. While our products are generally fun, we take this trust very seriously. It may (or may not) seem hokey or cliche, but we don't look at the standups we ship out every day as just cardboard, vinyl and ink. Each one is a bit of someone else's life. A key piece of his or her business. A special message to a loved one. No matter what the use is, the bottom line is that each one of these standups must be as important to us as it is to the person receiving it. It is. That is what makes us successful. That is what earns the trust of customers who keep coming back.

When I get one of the frequent "thank you" e-mails we receive handed to me, it absolutely makes my day. So I make sure we do everything possible to get more of those e-mails thanking us for everything from great customer service and a quality product to "making my granny's 80th birthday special". You may have noticed that I get them handed to me. That's because the staff here gets as excited as I do about doing things right and they print out each and every one.

While the above stuff is what's really important, this is an 'About Us' page and we're about technology, too. In fact, it's only technological advances within the last three or four years that allow us to do what we do for you quickly and at a reasonable price. We use the absolute latest technology to produce your standup (or wall graphic, etc.). Being mechanically inclined, I find the technology almost as exciting (though not as personable) as all those smiling faces.

Our latest print technology, including Intelligent Pass ControlTM produces rich, photo-quality, dense 6-color CMYKLcLm images at resolutions up to 1440 x 1440 dpi. The special pigmented inks we use are rated for 3 plus years outdoors and 99 plus years indoors.
We guarantee your standup won't fade.

Propietary Computer-Controlled 4'x8' Laser Cutting System We couldn't find a large laser cutter on the market that would do the job of cutting your standups as cleanly as you like them so we built one ourselves for amazing detail, consistency and accuracy. A huge undertaking but it's really cool.
I haven't tried slicing a pizza with it yet but some late night (and there are lots of those around here) I just may...

If you've read all that, either your eyes are starting to water from fatigue or, preferably, you understand a little more about why we're so excited about what we can do for you. Maybe you're even a little excited yourself! We've been around awhile and plan to be around for years to come.
The opportunity to make you just a little happier or more successful is what we're here for, so give us a shot.
Party StandupsTM truly is my life's work as well as a huge team effort by our dedicated employees. If I wasn't confident that you'd be ecstatic with every aspect of your experience with us, I wouldn't be here either.

Scott Gardner
Party StandupsTM